Rotary Ultra Slim Tonneau Ladies Watch

SKU: LB08015/90

Introducing the Ultra Slim Tonneau, a harmonious blend of lightweight luxury and innovative design. As the latest addition to our esteemed Ultra Slim family, this timepiece encapsulates a new dimension of elegance.

Embodying the essence of its name, the Tonneau shape draws inspiration from the graceful contours of a barrel, perfectly harmonizing with the Ultra Slim's sleek profile. Its exquisite white dial is a visual delight, exuding a sophisticated charm that's further accentuated by the captivating guilloche texture, adding layers of depth and character.

With a devotion to performance, the Ultra Slim Tonneau ensures a water resistance of 30m, while the sapphire glass safeguards its timeless beauty. Encased within the 35mm x 25mm two-tone stainless steel and gold PVD case, this watch delivers a refined statement that effortlessly marries tradition with innovation.